animation I made for the National Taiwan Museum


In the beginning

Fresh new blog with a fresh new start. (old blog, not recently updated but will be updated soon: I recently graduated, and my student years are over, for now until I plan of going to a graduate school if I do (kindergarten: 3-5, elementary: 6-10, junior high: 11-13, high school: 14-16, college: 17-21). My birthday is 22 June, so 3 weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd year on wednesday, graduated on saturday and packed my suitcases that night, got on a plane heading to taipei on sunday and spent the week tagging along with a group of people I just met, travelling  Taiwan (台灣) got fed by the government for a week (they paid for food, drinks, lodging and travel expenses for the whole week for over 270 people, and the last day ended in a 5 star resort!), and then started my internship in the National Taiwan Museum (國立台灣博物館) office.

I haven’t started the “What am I doing with my life?” phase, maybe it’s because I have a rough plan, even though there are some (large) gaps. It feels awkward not being a student anymore, having to pay full fare entering museums, riding the bus or the metro. Wasting 20 years of my life working for school, now I have to work for myself, although I have been kind of prepared to working for myself (doing painting, illustration, graphic design, animation, game design, coding and 3D stuff) for the past 4,5 years, trying to gather a portfolio. It’s nice being capable of working with different mediums, and I want to redo my game, Traces of Alvilda from scratch, once I organize my computer and get rid of some of my old work clutter.

Current plans are to finish this internship doing as much work as possible (one animation down, another animation project and a flash game + website advising project on the way.) I’m having a lot of fun working here and the people are great and I guess I’m happy, although I realized for myself that working doesn’t really allow people to have free time for themselves (I knew that already, but it seems much more real now). It’s not my first time working, but I guess this is the most serious one among all my other internships or freelance work. I also recently discovered that I don’t really feel the need to procrastinate while trying to get work done although I procrastinated my way through school.

The food in Taiwan is as great as usual, the weather is hot and humid but it doesn’t really bother me as much as it did previously (my last visit was about 3 years ago). Current plans for the next few months are: finishing the internship, starting to take Mandarin lessons (my reading and writing isn’t really good), getting a Taiwanese citizenship, doing a tutorial about my graduation project game Traces of Alvilda and making the project open source (because people won’t share how to make multi-level games with the engine I used, so I guess my code will be a bit of help for people just starting ActionScript3), later redoing my game from scratch (I’m thinking of redesigning it as an RPG-style isometric perspective game with more complicated mazes with multiple floors maybe I’ll give a shot in vector instead of bitmap this time using papervision as a 3D engine), redo the typeface I was working on in the fall term (the W, V, M and N are too clumsy) and giving a shot making lowercase letters, expand my watercolor and ink skills, rearranging my CV and portfolio again and starting applying for jobs. Also I plan on hiking a lot and KTV’ing (karaoke) with friends as much as possible ^^